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The Path to Natural Health | Tony Koufos, ND, CR, CI

Dr. Tony Koufos, Naturopath, Iridologist, and Reflexologist, is a miracle worker! He is humble about his abilities in returning clients to optimal health. He not only possesses techniques in many areas, but has talent to go with it. Some people are educated and others possess an expertise as he does. He has eliminated pain, stress and disease on myself and my relatives and friends. I have referred others and they have never been disappointed.

If all else fails, or even if you choose other modalities, this is a must in your life....

There is no mystery to it but age old science. It works! He has gotten me off crutches, relieved back discomfort and removed toxins with his technology and ability. This is an adjunct therapy to any other procedures for optimal health and wellness.

Karon Gibson, RN, CCM
Producer and Host of Outspoken TV shows on and cable TV in Chicagoland

What our clients have to say ...


A Very exciting day for Lloyd. At his Prairie Bluff Carleton Golf League Wednesday activity, Lloyd got his FIFTH HOLE in ONE in his 86 year life-time! He also shot an 81 for his total score 39 &42 for the eighteen. Pretty good for a man that faced death March 16 2016! Thank You, Dr. Tony Koufus, for bringing him back to this great condition WITHOUT any MEDICATION and with eating a Mediterranean Diet and VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS (PILLS)! THAT is a TESTIMONIAL for NATURAL HEALING! (Lloyd had bleeding ulcer attached to a gist cancerous tumor--They cut it out, no chemo-medication which was eventually rejected/abandoned/IGNORED)! We also thanked GOD for letting him continue to be my soul mate, my rock, team real estate partner and awesome husband!


My 65-year-old mother (at the time) suffered a minor stroke and was hospitalized for fur days. They released her, told her she was fine and put her on blood thinner medication. They never told her what caused the stroke. She was slurring out of the right side of her mouth and the right side of her body, including her right hand, was constantly shaking. She look like she aged 10 years overnight. I took her to see Dr. Koufos and he found out what was wrong with her in 15  minutes using iridology and reflexology. Come to find out, the only thing that was wrong wither her was her colon was back up. He recommended colon cleansing and nourishing the heart and within a week she returned to looking and acting her normal self.

She went back to the doctors two weeks after being treated by dr. Koufos and they gave her a clean bill of health and told her to stop taking the blood thinner medication, which she had already stopped taking on her own. That was six years ago, she is now 71 years old and she hasn't had any problems since. I want to thank Dr. Koufos for treating my mother and teaching her how to heal herself naturally, so she can stay in good health.

R. Bolling

I want to thank Dr. Koufos for his service in helping me heal. For 24 years I was an alcoholic, heavy smoker and had bad eating habits. I was diagnosed with a sluggish liver, dirty lungs, heart issues and a host of other illnesses in 2006. The doctors wanted to give me pharmaceutical drugs, but i declined base on all the side effects. I decided I wanted to try the natural path and found out about Dr. Koufos through my local health food store in 2007. I made and appointment and he taught me more in one hour than the regular doctors did over the many years that I caused these issues. He helped me reverse all my illnesses starting the living cleanse and the other organs began to regain their function soon thereafter using different supplement. It has been 10 years since my visit with dr. Koufos, and I have had no medical issues sense. It is 2017, as of this writing, and I am 52 years old now and feel better than I did when I was 42.

Thank you Dr. Koufos
R. Bolling

You are a miracle worker!

'The eyes are the window to the soul" and provide a true record of our total well-being in body, mind, and spirit. "The eyes have it" and can guide us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves. Dr. Koufos is one who has sought and found this key to healing, by mastering the art of iridology, amongst other time-tested modalities, for understanding the innate wisdom of our bodies.

Fate brought me, a health seeker with a background in the healing profession, and a student of life already well on the path of my own healing journey, to the care of Dr. Tony. From the first meeting, I felt at complete ease and confidence that the knowledge he shared was for my highest good. His careful assessment of my irises was performed with sensitivity and compassion, confirming for me the health issues of which I was already aware, but also giving me much encouragement that all I had done to better my health over the years showed it true effect. His recommendations for herbal therapy has at its goal the support of the organ systems, never antagonize or deny the body's natural and perfect healing system. His reverence for the natural laws of living follow through in his highest respect and honor for the human body, and for the complete emotional and spiritual beings we are. It is Dr. Tony's dedication in fulfilling his mission to help others with genuine care and compassion which brings his skill to a higher healing level, reached when one is able to make a connection with complete trust in another human being who has your complete welfare at heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Tony Koufos as a true practitioner of the art and gift of healing, and wish him and all those he has guided every blessing for personal fulfillment and peace.

-T. Tonga Choi-Lundberg MD
-G. Huon, Tasmania, Australia

Since I became aware of your knowledge and talent in the fields of Iridology and Reflexology, I have myself experienced treatments that have eliminated knee and back pain and stress. I have referred others to you who have had injuries of the back, foot, neck and arm; and they have all had tremendous relief!

You have disseminated knowledge through television shows, speeches and instructions to other fields; yet, it seems that people still do not acknowledge the great education and experience that you exhibit in these fields. The cost is so much less in comparison to many medical treatments and works to much faster.

I hope that the public will begin to take the opportunity to find the many ways in which you treat discomfort and illness with such great success.They should call you to find out when your next class or speech is or ask for an in office consultation at a minimal charge to examine the possibilities.

- K. White R.N.

"For close to 20 years I have experienced pain in my neck, shoulders and upper arms. Muscle relaxants, physical therapy and accupuncture failed to bring relief. Xrays revealed nothing.

A friend told me about Reflexology and how it helped her with her pain. Two months of Reflexology sessions have brought gradual releif to my shoulder and my arms.

Recently I have noticed I am able to take deeper breaths and feel the air totally fill my lungs. So a "side effect" of the reflexology has actually helped my breathing."

- Pamela B., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

"Mike is 16 years old and has been using an inhaler everyday for 7 years and an oral asthma medication for 2 years. I am happy to say that after receiving regular treatments from you, along with your recommended course of treatment, he is off all medication completely!"

- Mary Lou F., Wheaton, Illinois

"Tony keeps me going. I can recognize health issues and deal with them before they become a problem. My seasonal allergies are much more under control when I'm seeing Tony. My migrane headaches are less in both frequency and strength. I have not needed to see a doctor in over a year for any reason."

- Sharon R., Wheaton, Illinois

"I started Reflexology in 1994, I am still having treatment and I can't say enough about the good it does. I am sure if it wasn't for Reflexology, I wouldn't feel as good as I do at 78. I now have 3 sisters taking the treatments. It is helping them way beyond what they had hoped for."

- C.L., Cedar Lake, Indiana

"I started going to Dr. Koufos in March of 2003. I was being treated for diabetes and carpal tunnel. I also have glaucoma and other eye trouble. I've been treated for approximately 5 months, I can see better hear better and even walk more swifter. I feel stronger in my body."

- Moses C., Chicago, Illinois

"I suffered with hay fever for 45 years of my life. This summer it was decreased tremendously. I encourage everyone to try these methods in order to enhance their health. I thank God for Mr. Koufos."

- Mattie C., Chicago, Illinois

"In 1974, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Since that time I have been in and out of hospitals over the years, Then I met Tony... He correctly recognized my Crohn's problem and thyroid problem, as well as many other potential problems that could arise in the future. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that I met Tony. He's not only most knowledgeable in his field, but he is also a very caring individual concerned about your welfare."

- Pegi D., Clarendon Hills, Illinois

My husband Rich has been helped beyond measure by you. Tony evaluated Rich's condition and started treatments - reflexology, an eye reading, some manipulations on his neck and back, and good nutritional changes.

-Mrs. Richard G., Orland Park, Illinois